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Painting is my life’s work and my preferred method of communication. I have over 30 years experience creating public art murals and exploring subject, medium and style in my own studio practice. I am based in Tacoma, Washington which is a beautiful place and a constant source of inspiration. Tacoma calls itself the “Grit City”, but it is full of artists and celebrates creativity. I am currently focused on a series of paintings called “Root Bound”, which is about interconnection, community, and relationships. Roots are a symbol for ancestors, grounding, and strength. As a child, I often imagined that I saw human anatomy in trees, a torso rising from the ground with legs dancing or arms reaching up to the sky. I couldn’t help but wonder at the twisting forms of trunks that had grown up embracing as they compete for light. It has been an honor and privilege each time that I have been able to create public murals in my city. These artworks become a new landmark and contribute to our local pride.


“Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.”

- Frida Kahlo


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